Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sciatic Nerve

A couple of weeks ago I was rudely introduced to the fact that I have a Sciatic nerve and just what it can DO to me if it's pissed off. It started off just a crappy dull pain running down from my butt cheek (honest to god, the cheek) to my ankle, but it's progressed since then to giving me these sharp STABBING, HORRIBLE pains in that previously happy ghetto butt cheek. The stabbing pains only happened a couple of times a day and the lesser pain running down my leg would give up after about 10 minutes or so, until yesterday.

Yesterday made me re-think my stance on getting an epidural. If contractions and giving birth hurts WORSE (???? how is this possible????) than the crazy knife stabbing pains I put up with yesterday then I will damn well be getting an epidural. SCREW being natural and joining the ranks of natural birthing brave women. SCREW THAT.

My leg buckled from beneath me at one point! I don't blame the leg, I'd give up too if I were it. Later in the day, the last two times it happened I honest to God involuntarily screamed out loud when it struck. I'm not one for being dramatic in that way but the yell came from inside me somewhere that I apparently have no control over.

The lasting pain that runs down my leg stayed almost the whole day and I found myself limping. Sitting, standing, laying down, nothing helps, it's a nerve thing and I just have to wait for it to go away. One of the screaming-out-loud episodes happened in front of Chino and I was pretty embarrassed. He was so shocked he just stood there for a moment and stared at me :P before coming over to where I was to try and help. I writhed around and told him in between breaths that I was ok, and the baby was fine and that I'd explain in a moment or two.

Bless him he massaged the cheek and the whole leg and it felt wonderful. I hope today is better, and it seems to be so far, we'll just see.

Anybody have this nerve pain happen to them? Anything you found that would help at all? I'd love to hear any experience. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday Chino actually got to SEE Daisy moving around and kicking my belly.  He's felt it but I've been waiting for weeks for him to be looking at the right time.  I stare at my stomach ALL the time amused and happy watching her pound away, it's just so NEAT!  His face really lit up and although all he had to say was "Cool"  I know he was quite impressed by the look on his face.  :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dissappearing Act

I realized just today that when I walk all I can see of my feet are my toes poking out once in a while.

If I'm cooking and I get say, spaghetti sauce, ALL over the bottom of my shirt on the part of my stomach that I can't see anymore? I might just walk around for a half day before anybody says anything. Nice.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank You

I want to send out a little Thank You note here to my Step-Mom for sending me the cutest box of baby clothes! The ballerina onesie is SOOO cute! Chino thought it was adorable! :) I love the booties and everything else. The little hat is so sweet :) And the Ram, Awwwwww :) Thank You for thinking of me and thank you for sending something so far away, it was so nice of you and very much appreciated.

P.S. I had pictures of me in this post holding up a big sign that said "THANK YOU" but I looked so busted that I freaked out and took them off.

SO -


Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Pics

We started taking pictures a little late but better late than never! Start at the bottom and you'll find us at 5 months and it goes up from there. :) Pregnancy isn't so fun but at least the belly part is pretty darn cool!

6.75 Months

6.75 Months

6.5 Months :P

6.5 Months

6.25 Months

5.75 Months

5.5 Months

5 Months