Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mums The Word

I have nothing to complain about - and therefore no blog fodder about Daisy. All of the books said that the 2nd trimester would be the BEST, that I wouldn't be so tired and I'd feel better all over and sleep well and not have to pee as much - ect. - and they were all WRONG.

I went through the whole damn thing busted ass tired, peeing 5 times per night and experiencing all sorts of shitty prego-lady aches and pains - the whole time thinking "OMG when is it going to happen? When do I feel this second wind everyone talks about?? SHIIIIITTTT and they say the 3rd trimester is so terribly worse??? CRAAAAAAAPP!!!"

LMAO ever since the 3rd trimester hit I've felt GREAT! In fact the last few weeks have been the BEST of the whole pregnancy and I find myself laughing and wondering why it is that I don't have to pee all night anymore and how it is that I'm sleeping so great and nothing really feels like shit anymore.

Stupid books. Aside from winding down like a $2.00 watch after about 10 minutes of cleaning hard or doing stuff around the house and only the OCASIONAL ciatic nerve outburst - I feel freaking-fan-tastic. Hell I don't even mind the whole can't-do-anything-strenuous-for-more-than-30-seconds-thing, it's kinda nice in a way.

5 weeks to go and I finally like being pregnant. Rub my belly yall, I'm a magic lamp! :P