Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Pics

We started taking pictures a little late but better late than never! Start at the bottom and you'll find us at 5 months and it goes up from there. :) Pregnancy isn't so fun but at least the belly part is pretty darn cool!

6.75 Months

6.75 Months

6.5 Months :P

6.5 Months

6.25 Months

5.75 Months

5.5 Months

5 Months


  1. I still can't believe how crazy obsessed you are with this baby thing after being so anti-procreation! LOL

    You're awesome, never change.

  2. I know right? And I spent like 3 hours making that damn banner - and this putting up pics of angels and baby bears that you'll do something about it. Don't let me go that far.

  3. I think the picture at 5.75 months is so cute. The dress is cute. I remember when I was pregnant, I was small at first and then at like 7 months I started getting bigger and bigger and one morning I could hardly get out of my bed, my hip was hurting and it was like that for about 5 weeks. My baby was born on December 29th, so at Christmas I was really big and I sat in the floor and I could not get up! It hurt to move and I thought that I was in labor. I am glad that I wasn't because I did not want to go to the hospital on Christmas