Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday Chino actually got to SEE Daisy moving around and kicking my belly.  He's felt it but I've been waiting for weeks for him to be looking at the right time.  I stare at my stomach ALL the time amused and happy watching her pound away, it's just so NEAT!  His face really lit up and although all he had to say was "Cool"  I know he was quite impressed by the look on his face.  :)


  1. My baby used to move around so much that it looked like an ocean wave in my stomach. One time he lifted the plate that I had on my stomach. I used to use my stomach to prop my plate on while I was eating. Like if I was on the couch and I sat back I would set it on my tummy.

  2. Crystal - It makes for a nice prop yes? And "Ocean wave," that's a good one! :)