Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dissappearing Act

I realized just today that when I walk all I can see of my feet are my toes poking out once in a while.

If I'm cooking and I get say, spaghetti sauce, ALL over the bottom of my shirt on the part of my stomach that I can't see anymore? I might just walk around for a half day before anybody says anything. Nice.


  1. Do you find yourself using your belly as a "shelf" yet? I myself used to love resting my plate on my unborn child so I could shovel whatever it was I was eating in faster! It also made a great place to shelve my morning cup of coffee or tea. I miss my giant portable TV
    Hey, totally random ?, but exactly where in Mexico are you living? My hubby is from Agua Zarca, Somberete, Zacatecas. I will hopefully going to visit next summer. This gringa has only been to Cancun and

  2. Gringa-Mexi - Lol I can't set a cup of tea on it yet but I've been trying :P I'm located in Reynosa, Mx on the border of Texas. :)