Monday, October 26, 2009

Crooked Linea Nigra

My Linea Nigra is crooked. Why am I such a freak?

(btw the pic isn't me it's a google image)

Ok so I don't really CARE that it's crooked and I'm sure there's nothing wrong with me or the baby but geez, come on really? I never thought I would be the type to get one of these prego-lady lines on my belly - the whole idea kinda weirded me out when I first read about it and googled it and I thought I'd somehow avoid it. Right.

It's not bad though and I'm lucky it's not black it's instead a really light pink but the top line coming down from my boobs to belly button is goofy and runs like a crescent moon instead of a strait line. I would love to know what the Mexican wives tales have to say about this but I'm not saying anything to anybody for fear of being pushed into some sort of raw egg-moonlight-eye-of-newt ceremony to make sure my baby doesn't come out with it's head on crooked. Mums the word on this one fo sho.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Boobs are Functional

There is stuff in my boobs and it's coming out.


OH MY GGAAAWWWWWWWWDD ! Last after my shower I noticed my nipples looked weird and I started messing with them to see what was what. They've had this white stuff on the tips off and on for months now and I thought all along that my nipples were peeling skin because they were growing bigger. Snake nipples, brilliant.

Anyways this stuff really didn't look like skin and I had just read in the baby book that this is about the time that the nips might start to leak colostrum. So. I squeezed one.

And holy shit. HOLY SHIT OH MY GAAWWWDDD STUFF came out !!!


Listen, I know this is perfectly normal and natural and it was going to happen sometime - but it's never happened before, nothing has ever came out of my nipples and it's STRANGE ok? It just is. It's amazing and curious and wild all at the same time and all I can do is keep staring at myself. And squeezing more because I'm a freakin weirdo and it's fascinating.

I guess it's cool to know that they work. My boobs are functional.

Who knew there were so many holes by the way? Holy damn yo !

I came rocketing out of the bathroom and marched into the living room to loudly announce to my unsuspecting husband that THERE IS SHIT COMING OUT OF MY BOOBS. He turned around to look at me like "Whaaa???"

:P And then he wanted me to SHOW him and I turned all feet shuffle-y and shy and sat down and blushed like a teenager. I knew I couldn't say "no" and he's my husband and loves me and he should be able to share in this - SO - I sucked it up BIG TIME, blushed to the shade of purple, and showed him. *giggle* He thought it was cool.

I thought I was going to have to go into this big long drawn out conversation about how it's not actually milk yet but the colostrum stuff and explain for an hour what that meant - but he already knew. "OHhh yeah de colostrum! We use to eat dat from de goats."


"The goats."

"For real?" "The stuff that came before the baby goats were born? You ate it?"

"Yeah, eet was good."


"Oh." "Well that's cool."

Who freakin knew? At least we didn't have to have one of those translation/explanation conversations.

Did I mention there is stuff coming out of my boobs? How long do I get to be surprised by this anyways? I think for a first time mom it must be like the first time a pube-age-boy jacks it and has stuff come out of his wang. It's got to be a pretty big surprise right? Like "WOW look what I can do!" "What IS that??"

*snort* Who knows.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I suppose I'll show this to Daisy when she's much older and I want to write down and remember for her just how CRAZY I am about her moving around inside this stomach of mine. I love it, I can't get enough of it and I'm completely transfixed by the whole thing. She starts kicking and I'll pull up my shirt, yank down the maternity pant-nylon-part and stare at my stomach bounce and move and roll for as long as she'll amuse me. I gawk and I giggle and laugh out loud all by myself and smile and talk to her. I've lost it haven't I? I figure I'm a goner.

The last couple of weeks she's started puuuuusshiing out with her feet or hands and I get a big ole bulge in my stomach for a moment. I'm sure you that've had babies know what I'm talking about. Ladies farther along than me tell me they can't WAIT to get their baby out because it's kicking their ribs, and while I've not got to that point yet, I can't imagine for even a moment wanting to get her out any time soon. Forget the pain and peeing all night long, fatigue ect. I really REALLY love having her inside! For all the crap that pregnancy has thrown at me I still find myself really liking it! So weird but true.

Daisy you just hang out in there and do your thang, I'm totally cool with it. :)