Saturday, October 3, 2009

I suppose I'll show this to Daisy when she's much older and I want to write down and remember for her just how CRAZY I am about her moving around inside this stomach of mine. I love it, I can't get enough of it and I'm completely transfixed by the whole thing. She starts kicking and I'll pull up my shirt, yank down the maternity pant-nylon-part and stare at my stomach bounce and move and roll for as long as she'll amuse me. I gawk and I giggle and laugh out loud all by myself and smile and talk to her. I've lost it haven't I? I figure I'm a goner.

The last couple of weeks she's started puuuuusshiing out with her feet or hands and I get a big ole bulge in my stomach for a moment. I'm sure you that've had babies know what I'm talking about. Ladies farther along than me tell me they can't WAIT to get their baby out because it's kicking their ribs, and while I've not got to that point yet, I can't imagine for even a moment wanting to get her out any time soon. Forget the pain and peeing all night long, fatigue ect. I really REALLY love having her inside! For all the crap that pregnancy has thrown at me I still find myself really liking it! So weird but true.

Daisy you just hang out in there and do your thang, I'm totally cool with it. :)


  1. Uber-cute :)

    Say, can you get a pic of your belly when she kicks? I've always wondered what that'll look like!

  2. I have not been able to post any comments.. i don't know why. I think that they have re done our security settings. I hope to be able to catch up on your other blog soon. I miss reading it everyday. I can't even log on to it. How are you doing?

  3. Suki - I'll figure something out! But for now I can say it looks just like those movies where an alien is inside somebody and moving around under their skin getting ready to hatch.

    Crystal - Oh bummer! I'll take the "this contains adult content" thing off my other blog and see if that works. Gaahhh I hated when my work pulled that stuff!!