Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daisy 7 Months

Dear Daisy,

You're seven months old! At 4 months you could hold your head up and Mommy started feeding you real food on her lap. Your first food was some mashed potatoes off of my plate - me and Daddy were Sooo excited and you LOVED it! The look on your face was like "What?? Where has THIS been all my life! MORE!" After that I started feeding you vegtables - peas, green beans, sweet potatoes and carrots. I didn't want to give you any sweet food like fruit for at least a month so that you wouldn't develop a sweet tooth right away and reject veggies.

Once I DID give you some fruit - applesauce, pears, bananas, mango, and prunes you liked them but not as much as the veggies and it made me think that you're a lot like your Dad - he doesn't like things too sweet.

Now that you're seven months you've eaten rice cereal and have moved on to oatmeal cereal. You're happy as a clam to eat it plain or mixed with veggies or fruit. You will eat ANYTHING cold or hot you don't care as long as we shovel it in - it's adorable! We give you big peices of chewy meat for you to gnaw on but not really get apart and your favorite is to chew on a chicken bone after we eat most of the meat off. It's soooo cute! You'll chew on tortillas, you've had salsa, chamoi, and lots and LOTS of baby cookies.

At around 5 months you could all of a sudden sit up and hold your head up like a big baby and we were so happy for you! You were able to play a lot at that point and I found myself bringing home a new bag of toys every week after going to shop at the pulga for Daddy because you get tired of them so fast!

You'll chew on any object that you can possibly get into your mouth - or your face near, including ME, or Daddy - fingers, knees, toes, our occasional arm - lol and so we try to give you lots of toys to keep yourself chew-occupied.

You're a great sleeper during the night, you go to bed at 9pm and don't wake up till 6am when you want a bottle to drink and then fall right back to sleep from anywhere till 7, 7:30 or even 8 or 8:30 all depending on the day - but usually 7. At six months you went through a phase where you'd only take barely two short naps a day but now at seven months you're all of a sudden sleeping a lot more during the day. Maybe a growth spurt :)

3 weeks ago I discovered that you can stand up all by yourself if you're holding on to something like the couch or a chair - I was SO surprised! And last week you finaly learned how to roll over! Lol I was thinking you were never going to do it but wasn't too concerned because you NEVER speant time on your tummy - so why would you want to roll onto it? You HHAAATTEEDD being on your tummy with a passion!

You actually learned to roll over because you decided last week that it's time for you to learn to crawl and once while you had yourself proped up on your arms, one of them gave out and -whoop!- you accidently rolled over! It was like a light bulb went off in your head and you smiled and laughed and squeeled and not a minute later you had rolled over again - but this time on purpose. In ONE day you learned out to roll over front to back, back to front, left to right and right to left!

You're still working really hard on trying to crawl and I try and show you but you can't yet get everything together. You're pretty frustrated with it and I end up picking you up after you've flopped on your tummy and putting you back upright to try again. Over and over :) I think you're going to get it within the next two weeks though - and then we're in trouble! :) Love you baby girl, I'll try to update often :)

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